Truck on the chassis KAMAZ 43118

Characteristic of the chassisKamAZ 43118:

1.1. Wheel formula 6х6;
1.2. Producer: JSC Kamaz;
1.3. Sleeping place
1.4. Autonomous heaterWebasto;
1.5. Wheels disk, Tires 425/85R21;
1.6. Category of roads 1-5;
1.7. Fastening of spare wheel with safe device of descent and rise interfering spontaneous falling of wheel during descent or rise;
1.8. Engine 740.622-280 with the system of fuel feeding "Common Rail";
1.9 Power 221/300 kW/hp.
2.1. Spark extinguisher in the muffler;
2.2. Standard of toxicity, EURO 4;
2.3. Transmission:
2.3.1. Wheel formula 6х6;
2.3.2. Gear box ZF 9S1310, 9 st;
2.3.3. Transfer box 65111 JSC Kamaz with underdrive;
2.3.4. Not disconnected drive gear of front wheels;
2.3.5. Blocking of differentials front and rear axials.
2.3.6. Clutch one-disk strengthened;
2.4. Chassis:
2.4.1. Parabolic front/rear springs;
2.4.2. Anti-lock braking system (ABS);
2.4.3. Fuel tank of 350+210 l;
2.5. Cabin:
2.5.1. Color: Orange;
2.5.2. Cabin 2 seats with 1 sleeping place
2.5.3. Hatch on cabin roof;
2.5.4. No air conditioner;
2.5.5. Mirrors with electrical heater;
2.5.6. Comfortable driver seat with pneumosuspender;
2.5.7. Socket connection in cabin 12B and 24B;


Heat-insulated tank consists of three sections, base and compartment of service located in the rear part of fuel truck. The tank has three mouths intended for filling, disinfection and visual inspection of internal surface of the case of tank. Each mouth is closed by the heat-insulated caps. Pipe ducts of filling discharge have effective protection against frosting in winter time. The tank has tight compartment in which conclusions of pipe ducts are placed.
The fuel truck is safe in operation, is equipped with the hand-rail and convenient platforms of service having the perforated surface against slippage at any climatic conditions.
There is an “AutoTEN’ for use in the conditions of Far North which allows liquids being constantly warm!
The tank is processed by paintwork material, inside – noncorrosive steel!

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation