The Car for Transportation of Dangerous Freights the 2nd Hazard Class

Characteristics Base chassis GAZ 33088 SADKO/ GAZ-3309

Wheel formula 4x4/4*2
Wheels – forward - single-tire, rear - double-tire
Engine – MMZ D. 245.7E(euro 4, 119 HP)/YAMZ-534 (euro 4, 134 HP)
Engine – diesel
Transmission manual
Fuel tank 105 liters
Autonomous engine heater
Tow bar with winch
Strengthened frame

Description ofhe van

Dangerous goods usually mean substances and materials which theoretically or really can constitute danger of life and to human health. Except people, dangerous freight is possible to do harm to the external environment, especially in the course of the wrong transportation Types of objects:
Different poisons
Infectious substances
Corrosion products;
Liquefied gases;
Caustic chemical reactants;
Radioactive materials;
Explosive mixes, etc.
The car special for transportation of dangerous freights, a hazard class 2, corresponds on DOPOG EH/III

Additional equipment of the cabin:

Metal frame for cylinders
Inscription ‘Dangerous goods’
Muffler in front
Protection of fuel tank by perforated sheet
Switch of accumulator
Grounding metal chain, 200mm.
Grounding metal contour, 20m.
Fog light (2)
Fire extinguisher – 5l.carbon dioxide
Light – red-white
Emergency stop signal
Tow rope
Reflective vest
Sets of special tools
Wheel chock
Container for extra extinguish by sand
Documents for statement of the car for registration in traffic police, in Vehicle Sertificate a mark – "The Car for Transportation of Dangerous Freights the 2nd Hazard Class"

Characteristics of the cabin

-Four (4) doors (option of 2-door cabin )
-White colour
- Comfortable velour seats
-Five (5) seats
-Seat belts
-Additional heating
-Сontinuous sideboard
- First-aid kit
-Fire extinguisher OP-2
-Emergency stop sign
Indicator – orange light
Battery disconnect switch
Autonomous lights– orange light

Original bag – The Huntsman 2

-Insulation of the hood
- First-aid kit
-Emergency stop sign
-Fire extinguisher
-Jack for 5 tons
-Combined set of keys
-Key cylinder
-Key of pumping of wheels

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation