The Car for Transportation of Dangerous Freights the 1st Hazard Class


Characteristics Base chassis GAZ 33088 SADKO/ GAZ-3309

Wheel formula 4x4/4*2
Wheels – forward - single-tire, rear - double-tire
Automatical pumping of wheels
Engine – MMZ D. 245.7E(euro 4, 119 HP)/YAMZ-534 (euro 4, 134 HP)
Engine – diesel
Transmission manual
Fuel tank 105 liters
Tow bar with winch

Characteristics of the cabin

-Four (4) doors (option of 2-door cabin )
-White colour
- Comfortable velour seats
-Five (5) seats
-Seat belts
-Additional heating
-Сontinuous sideboard
- First-aid kit
-Fire extinguisher OP-2
Indicator – orange light
Emergency stop sign

Characteristics of the van

-Type – steel framed
-Dimensions – 3720*2340*1950mm./2620*2340*1950
Distance cabin-van – 150mm.
-External covering – painted plated metal, different colours
Inscription ‘Dangerous goods’
-High-quality sealed joints
-Roof deck corrugated aluminum with drainage system
-Upholstery with fireproof plywood
-Polystyrene insulation – 40/80mm.
-Door – wide rear
-Ladder – sliding
-Lightning – Passenger compartment: 2 lights in protective housing
External and side marker lights (from car network)
Floor – corrugated aluminum


This special vehicle is intended for transportation of dangerous goods such as: products with pyrotechnic substances, cartridges, gunpowder, acid, ammonia, oxygen, etc. Besides dangerous goods this vehicle can transport crew in number of 5 people in safety and comfort.
Additional options
Transfer of the muffler forward under front bumper with a pipe exit to the right.
Installation of chain for removal of charges of static electricity and dowel.
Installation of two carbon dioxide fire extinguishers
Processing of an internal covering of the van by fireproof material
Switch of accumulator
Automatic fire extinguishing system
Protection of fuel tank
Wheel chocks
Locker for tools and equipment
Alarm system of opening of doors of the van in the driver's cabin
Installation of a supply and exhaust ventilation – 2pcs.
Box for sand
Installation of rear underride block
Bipolar (+\-) switch for disconnection of an electrical circuit near the rechargeable battery and in a driver's cabin (degree of protection of IP54)
Tables of a system of information on danger — in front (on a bumper) and behind the car
Orange lights – autonomous
Set of special tools
Master switch in the cabin, outside
The fire extinguishing system equipped with Допинг-2 with an autonomous power supply from the regular accumulator, put in action from a driver's cabin
Frames for plates ‘СИО’( Information system of danger)
Reflective vest
Emergency stop signal
Fire extinguisher – 5l.
Documents for statement of the car for registration in traffic police, in Vehicle Sertificate a mark – "The Car for Transportation of Dangerous Freights the 1st Hazard Class"

Original bag – The Huntsman 2

-Insulation of the hood
- First-aid kit
-Emergency stop sign
-Fire extinguisher
-Jack for 5 tons
-Combined set of keys
-Key cylinder
-Key of pumping of wheels

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation