Tank for transportation ofparaffin on chassis GAZ NEXT C41RB3

Vehicle GAZ NEXT C41RB3

Cruise control
Steering booster
Automatic transmission
Central lock
On-board computer
Electroheating of exterior mirrors of rear view
Driver's sitting with armrest
Radiator heater
Rear suspension with pneumatic elastic elements with the control board on sitting of the driver

Tank for paraffin
Nominal capacity---7000 liters
Quantity of sections---1 piece
The transported product Synthetic paraffin, firmness---0.9 kg/dm3
Filling coefficient---80%
Tank material---Noncorrosive food steel
Wall thickness – 3 mm
Material of external covering of tank--- Sheet of mirror noncorrosive steel
Heat insulation---Polyurethane foam
Heat insulation thickness---50 mm
Inner diameter of the pipe duct (conditional), Du 80,mm.
Tank filler Diameter - 500 mm
Respiratory valve on tank filler
Ecological box against the spil of product
System of discharge;---Gravitational discharge via the hand-operated mechanical ground valve and rotary lock Du80
Ground valve holds the transported liquid in the warmed part of tank
Discharge is removed in communication box
Pressure head soaking up sleeves, case for sleeve Du 80 (L = 4.5 m x 1 piece), KAMLOK BRS
Service platform--- nonskid service platform on the right side of tank
Entrance on the platform on ladder behind
Section of tank Constant elliptic section
The allowed maximum mass, 10,000 kg.
Weight without loading 5,000 kg.
Number of places 2+1
Dimensions, mm 7,910 x 2,500 x 2,500
Applied fuel Diesel fuel
System of heating up;---In tank cut-in heaters with power of 18 kW, with power supply from fixed network 380B are installed. The electro case with 2 socket connections for power connection of 380 V. is established on tank (heaters are provided by the Buyer)
Spark arrester on the muffler
Place of fastening of grounding
Antiretractable boots
The fire extinguisher cylinder, risk for level control of the transported liquid in tank
Temperature indicator
Additional drain valve Du 32 in rear part of the tank on the face side

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation