Refueleron base chassis GAZ 33081 SADKO

Base chassis GAZ 33081 SADKO

Single-tire wheels
Wheel formula 4x4
Automatic pumping of wheels
Engine – MMZ D. 245.7E (euro 4, 119 HP)/YAMZ-534 (euro 4, 134 HP)
Fuel type –diesel
Autonomous engine heater
Power steering, ABS
Fuel tank 105l.
Tow bar with winch
Cabin for 2 seats
Colour – white
Metal canister – 20l.
Winch 6,5t.
Flashing indicator at the roof
Tow bar

Technical characteristics of the tank

Tank volume 4900 liters, elliptic form
Quantity of compartments – 1
Material of tank – 3-millimeter steel of the increased strength 09G2C
Processing of internal surface of tank – oil- proof, petroleum -proof antistatic structure
External surfaces are painted by enamel (‘Тиккурила’ of the increased firmness)
Respiratory valve
Ground valve
The Counter PPO-25 (0.25 mdt)
Gun A-50M
Sleeve 3-meter Dy of oil- proof, petroleum -proof antistatic structure – 2 pieces
Powder fire extinguisher 5 l. — 2 pieces
Brackets for fastening of indexes of hazard class – 2 pieces
Case (length of 3240 mm, diameter of 160 mm) – 2 pieces
Box plastic for sand
Wheel chocks — 2 pieces
Electro- pneumatic control of ground valves and KOM
Control are exercised of from the centralized panel with light indication in cabin
Screen filter in the aluminum case (filtering capacity of 25 microns)
Make-and-break joint "Camlook" — 2 pieces
Vortex self-soaking-up pump VS-80, productivity of 580 l/min
Distributing hose
Full automation of filling of tank, the top and lower type of filling (use of the foreign pump is admissible).
Tank of the refueler is measuring instrument with a margin error of 0.4%.
Technician characteristics has high rates of reliability which have been confirmed with control tests:
level of average time between failures: acceptance – 1000 hours, rejection — 150 hours;
due to installation of ground valves and arches, has excluded spilling of fuel with capsizing the car; Average life cycle of refueler – 10 years or 300000 run km;
Resource of operation of processing equipment of the refuelerbefore the first major repair – 3000 hours.
Automatic cutoff of ground valves and KOM when filling tank with pump, giving of light and sound signal on the socket connection of the automated system of filling.
The top mode the signal is given at refueler gas station on the automated system of filling the foreignpump.
At delivery of fuel or transfer from one capacity in another has provided emergency shutdown in case of overheating of working liquid in the engine or operations of oil pressure sensors in the engine.
Guarantee for the equipment – 1 year, but expansion of warranty service life is possible

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation