Emergency service van on chassis GAZ 33081 SADKO

Characteristics of the GAZ 33081 SADKO

- Wheels – single-tire
-Automatic pumping of wheels
-Wheel formula 4x4
-Engine MMZ D. 245.7E(euro 4, 119h.p.)/YAMZ 534(euro 4, 134HP)
-Autonomous engine heater
-Fuel type – diesel
- Power steering
- Fuel tank 105 liters
-Tow bar with winch
-Cabin for 2 seats
-Colour of the cabin – yellow with red doors (GOST)
-Alarming loudspeaking device on cabin roof
-Flashing lights, yellow colour
-Tow bar

Characteristics of the van

Type – framed, steel
External covering – painted plated metal
Colour – yellow with red stripe (GOST)
Facing with metal (yellow)
Inscription ‘Аварийнаяслужба
Polystyrene insulation – 40/80mm.
Dimensions –3620*2340*1950mm
Upholstery with MDF
Doors – side and rear swing doors
Ladder , under the doors
Lightning – 2 lights from the vehicle network
Windows – 1 sliding, 1 muffled
-Floor –linoleum/corrugated aluminum
Autonomous heater ‘ШААЗОВ-65’/’WEBASTO’

Mouthpiece, propane PNME No. 0P (1/32") and acetylene ANME No. 1P (3/64");
Torch acetylene G2;
Tip acetylene, copper seamless No. 2 and No. 3;
Set for cleaning of mouthpieces;
Gas-welding lighter;
Gas-welding glasses
Hose, >40m.
Gas-welding glasses STAER PROFI 1107
Workbench with boxes and lamp, 220 V
Case for clothes, metal, 2 sections
Locker with back, metal, with soft upholstery
Rack for the metal tools
Crane beam+hoist, loading capacity of 1.0 t
wash basin with heating up «Мойдодыр»
Boiler for water heating up
Red Verg driller
Sandpaper STURM BG6015L
Drill of MetaboSBE 600 R +LImpuls 600607000
Electro soldering tool SVETOZAR SV-55305-30
Emergency set of the driver
Set of wrenches, 6 - 32 mm, 12 pieces, chrome. Sparta 152945
Set of heads 6-32 - 1 set - No. 2B oxidized, 6-32
Set of files of 200 mm STAER 1682-20-H5
Tool of the electrician:
- screw-drivers (slot, cross);
- flat-nose pliers;
- tool for cleaning of isolation from wires
Set of boring bits on metal of 25 pieces (d – 1-13 mm) HSS-RMetabo 627152000
Set for cutting of thread, Bison 27642-H35
scissors on metal strengthened, ‘BISON’ Expert series
Adjustable spanner, BAHCO 9073 P
Table vises, Sturm 1075-04-125
Tarpaulin mittens
Dielectric gloves
Dielectric rug
Antiretractable boots
Bottle jack
Portable lamp (carrying), LSU-1,220 V
Towing cable
Two-cylinder air car compressor ‘Тайфун’

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation