Car ‘Кабан(Boar)’

Base chassis GAZ 33081 SADKO

All-terrain vehicle
-Wheel formula 4x4
-Single-tire wheels
Single-tire wheels
Anticorrosive processing
Autonomous engine heater
Engine – MMZ D. 245.7E(euro 4, 119 HP)/YAMZ-534 (euro 4, 134 HP)
Double cabin, 5p.
Double cabin – 4 doors (option of 2-door cabin )

Main characteristics ‘Kung’ for fishing

Dimension of the van 2500/3620*2340*1950mm. (L*W*H)
-External covering – painted plated metal, colour – ‘protective’
Facing – metal,colour – ‘protective’
-Upholstery with MDF ,plastic
Polystyrene insulation – 40/80mm.
Rear door can be wide open, side
Sliding ladder under the doors
Two ceiling lights, from vehicle network
Windows – muffled, sliding
Floor –linoleum
Colour ‘Protective’ (camouflage)
Additional heating
Seats with seatbelts – 5pcs.
Possibility of luggage transportation at the cabin
Headlight spotlight with manual control
Additional equipment in the van
Hatch at the roof of the van 700*700mm.
Hatch at the roof of the cabin 700*700mm.
Electric winch on the bumper on 6,5t.
Mechanic back winch on 6,5t.
Autonomous heater ‘Planar 4D’
Seats with locker – 1,5m.– 2pcs.
Folding table 500*500mm.
Handheld transceiver ‘cabin-van’
overhead crane with manual telpher (max.1000kg.)
Autonomous heater of the van ‘ШААЗОВ-65’
Support for legs for shooting from the van
Rear wheel holder on the right
External input from 220V
Diesel generator ED6.5/400 –SL Robin Subaru
Voltage changer
Electro distributing with RCD
Every car can be produced by client’s projects.

Original bag – The Huntsman 2

Original bag – The Huntsman 2
-Insulation of the hood
- First-aid kit
-Emergency stop sign
-Fire extinguisher
-Jack for 5 tons
-Combined set of keys
-Key cylinder
-Key of pumping of wheels

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation