Car for emergency service on the chassis Hyundai HD 78

Characteristics of thechassis Hyundai HD 78

Wheel formula 4*2
Engine – diesel, D4DD Euro-3
Engine power of 103 kW
Rotary speed of 2800 r/m
Torque (max) 372 Nm.
Number of cylinders of the engine, 4 pieces
Working volume, 3.907 l.
Fuel tank, 100 l.
Fuel consumption on 100 km (average) 20 l.
Front overhang 1.075 m
Rear overhang 1.86 m
Wheelbase, 3.735m.
Turning radius (min.) 7.3 m.
Gleam 0.235 m., raising corner (max) 39 °
Weight (maximum allowed for car) 7.5t.
Chassis weight (equipped) 3.165 t.
Front bumper winch

Main characteristics of the van:

Van – framed
Dimensions 5100х2200х1950 mm.
External covering - plated metal
Colour – according to the GOST (yellow, red doors)
Inscription on the van "Аварийнаяслужба";
Roof – zinced steel; drainage system
Internal covering – decorative fibreboard;
Warming – expanded polystyrene of 40 mm.;
Door rear; wide opening (narrow right shutter - 720х1710, left - 900), side single;
Accessories – side door – On bar, the rear doors - on latche, on bar with clamper in opened position
Ladder; - sliding; 2 pieces;
Window; 2pcs.slidingin the 2nd compartment
Lighting – 3 ceiling plafonds (1 piece in the 1st compartment, 2 pieces; in the 2nd compartment);
External and side marker lights (from car power);
Floor; strengthened 19 mm. plywood, corrugated aluminum,
Plastic madflaps;
Van is divided by 2 compartments by deafpartition;
OB 65 autonomous heater with distributing on 2 compartments
1 compartment
Power welding ADD2*25.02 two-on point duty with additional generator 7 KVA (380/220B) (with commissioning works)
Hatch for ADD; (500х500 mm)
Bracket for fastenings of cable on front wall of the van;
2 compartment
Bracket for transportations of tubes (under the van)
Locker-seat,5 m. (sheathed by synthetic leather; 5 seats with box for tools)
Metal workbench with boxes
Case for tools
Buzzer (call button)
Case for cylinders; 2 - oxygen, 1 - propane (with door, partition)
Table stationary
Compressor K-12
Pneumatic hose 30 m.
Motor-pump petrol for the polluted waters Koshin SEN-80T (height 26 m, depth of absorptions 8 m, max. 900 l/min, water+sand, engine Honda, tank volume -3.6 l., weight 35 kg., 53х40х48 sm.)+set of nozzles; soaking up hose, pressure hose
Electrodistributing with board and sockets;220B, 380B.
Extender 25m (380 V)
Extender 25m (220 V)
Carrying of 25 m.
Gas welding post
Cylinder propane (new)
Cylinder oxygen (recertified)
Reducer oxygen BKO-of 50-5 - 2 pieces,
Reducer oxygen; BPO-50-5; - 1 piece;
Welding cable; KG 35;200m
Hose oxygen - 40 m,
Hose propane; 40 m,
Cutting torch,

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation