Car for emergency and repair service on chassis UAZ 3909

Characteristics of the UAZ 3309

- Engine capacity – 2445sm2
-Transmission: manual, 4st
- Power steering
-7 seats – 6+1 ‘Фермер’
-Seats in soft fabric upholstery
-Doors – 4pcs.
-Colourof the cabin – yellow-red (GOST)
-Alarming system on the roof of the cabin
-Flashing light on the roof of the van, yellow colour

Characteristic of the all-metal van:

Van all-metal, framed
Colour – yellow with red doors (GOST)
Option of execution of side door: standard - movable type.
Cargo compartment: without windows
Internal lighting.
Passenger compartment divide from cargo compartment with partition (standard)
Access to working compartment through the rear doors and sliding side door
Internal covering – decorative MDF
Floor covering of working compartment transport linoleum

Additional equipment

Electrical winch on 3,5t.
Autonomous heater of the van ‘ШААЗОВ-65’
Rack for tools
Place for cylinders (oxygen, propane)
Cable with input, 50m.
Workbench for metalwork with box for tools
Metalwork vises 140mm.
Grinder ‘Sparki’ 250mm.
Set of entrenching tools (scrap, shovel, spade, sledge hammer)
Pump for polluted water REDVERG RD-WP30C with set of hoses
Compressor piston HYUNDAI HY 2550
Driller, REDVERG diameter – 16 mm
Pipe bender JET JHPB-2 331900
Remote spotlight FOS-3 with battery and charger
Jackhammer Makita, 1450 W, 21.9 J
Electric drill, diameter of the boss – 10 mm
Grinder, diameter – 230 mm
Metalwork set
Set for electrician
Combination spanners
Set of heads
Welding equipment
Cylinder – oxygen
Cylinder – propane
Reducer – oxygen
Reducer – propane
Holder for cylinders
Cutting torch
Hose,50 m.
Safety glasses
Welding device HILTT HG190XW, 5kW
Welding power cable KG 50, 50m.
Welder’s mask, gloves
Electrode holder

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation