Vehicle for technical operation on base chassis GAZ

Product name and completions

1 Onboard truck GAZ 33086, 4*4, diesel, YaMZ 534, front - single-tyre, rear - double-tyre 1
2 Production of the multipurpose platform with sliding and folding designs on the left and right board 3600х2340х600/800, increased lowere rear overhang. availability
3 Production of two boxes opening sideways at the left 600х1200х2 with lighting for steering of pneumopumps and storage of tool and equipment availability
4 Production of two opening boxes on the right 600х1200х2 with lighting for steering of washing of high pressure and storage of the tool and the equipment availability
5 Production of three subplatform boxes on the left and right boards for storage of tool and equipment, sliding engine support with vice(150 mm.) and anvil availability
6 Production of two ladders for access in superstructure 1
7 Production of folding ladder on the right side for possibility of service of capacities 1
8 Installation of power take-off device for drive gear of the compressor and car wash 1
9 The K-24M compressor or analog with receiver of 50 l. established in the central part of the platform 1
10 The pump of high pressure with gun disperser, capacity for water 500-700l., tank filler and drain valve 3
11 The pump of delivery of oil with the crane-counter and the coil with automatic reeling 'Pressol' 3
12 Capacity for oil, 200 l., multiple-purpose 1
13 Capacity for the fulfilled oil, multiple-purpose, 200 l. 1
14 The AE&T T62103A crane with hydraulic actuator and hummock winch, l/c up to 900 kg for removal - installation of capacities, with capture for barrels 1
15 The welding generator with electric starter, the generator 220B - 2.5 kW, welding current to 190A, tank, 19 l., petrol, special models SS-190E4 or analog 1
16 Grinder SP 2014 or analog 1
17 Screwdriver, pneumatic, IP-3127 or analog 1
18 Drill, pneumatic, IP-1010R or analog 1
19 Nozzle for blowdown 1
20 Hose multiple-purpose for the pneumotool with sockets of bayonet type, 15 m. 1
21 Set of entrenching tool with fastening 1
22 Set of capacities for collecting technical liquids pan, buckets) 1
23 Capacity for washing of hands, 20 l., rolling out 1
24 Set of tool for repair (2 sets of heads 6-50, set of boring bits 3-13, set of wrenches 6-32, set of screw-drivers, remover, set of dipsticks, compressometer, set of pressure guns, box) 1
25 Documents of traffic police "The certificate on compliance of the CU with the changes made to its design to safety requirements", mark in Vehicle Certificate of Title "re-equipment of the car in special for maintenance operation" availability

The process of ordering machinery

Consultation on the car and equipment
Conference call with the Customer
Individual discount available
Conclusion of an agreement (contract)
Reconcile the 3D model with the design department
Start the production cycle
Readiness alert
Shipment date negotiation