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Старт продаж  САДКО NEXT!!! Июль 2019г
08 08 2019

Старт продаж САДКО NEXT!!! Июль 2019г

В наличии НОВИНКА 2019 года - легендарный Автомобиль ГАЗ Садко NEXT! С июля настоящего года в Компании СпецТехПром начались продажи Садко Некст, автомобиля которого с нетерпением ждали не один год...

Our partners

The production of cars of special purpose

Spetstekhprom – is well-established company for production of special cars. Our equipment is in high demand from private customers and the large organizations not only in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, but also throughout Russia.

Our distinguishes

Manufacture of special purpose vehicles is our main work, which specialists of the company carry out on conscience

A wide range of models will allow to buy the special car for any activity in urban areas and in remote conditions. Managers will help you to choose the car which as much as possible will satisfy to your requirements.

Emplyees of the Spetstekhprom company is always ready to produce the car by the individual order. We use the latest equipment and the latest developments in the technology of production. Therefore, the operational resource of our cars is maximum.

Even in the most severe conditions the Spetstekhprom cars maintain any loadings. It guarantees that necessary tasks will be carried out in short time, even if work is necessary in the conditions of far North.

We offer a range of special vehicles

Special production cars in the company are carried out in several most popular destinations:

  • Shift buses capable to carry workers and equipment even in the most remote places

  • Vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods comply with all requirements

  • A variety of utilities vehicles

  • Cars with crane useful for loading and unloading

  • Mobile workshops for repair works on the pipelines, power lines, railroad tracks, etc.

  • Vehicles for hunting and fishing

We also offer other models of special vehicles. You can specify the range at our managers. Cars are made on the basis of domestic and import manufacturers and have excellent operational characteristics. In addition, the company is pleased to offer the sale of spare parts for GAZ cars.

You can buy car on condition of shipment or delivery by stage, the railroad, transporter. Choose the proper car and the most convenient way of delivery!